The Center For Biomimetic Sensor Science (CBSS)  is an international operation where excellences from Austria, Sweden and Singapore are working jointly on the development of the next generation biosensors. Biomimetic concepts in conjunction with recent advances in biomolecular- and nanoscience will form the platform to exploit new technology for biomedical, environmental and industrial applications.

We are particularly interested in combining state of the art synthetic protocols with lipid/polymeric membrane technology for the detection of biomarkers for cancer and infectious diseases and toxins. The center is also going to develop a deeper understanding of optical and electrical transduction mechanisms.

Our effort requires a truly multidisciplinary research environment involving electrical engineers, materials scientists, physicists, chemists and biologists. Our team include expertise from Nanyang Technological University, Linkopings University, Austrian Institute of Technology, DSO National Laboratories, and Institute of Materials Research & Engineering.